SYTYCD Tour was amazing🙌🙌

Robert Roldan & Kathryn McCormick preforming “When I Go” on SYTYCD Vietnam [ x ]


emilio and teddy being goofballs tonight


Every So You Think You Can Dance Solo

- Jakob Karr - Always Midnight (Season 6)

I'm the earlier anon who asked about the full episodes, thank you sooo much for your help!! :)

No problem!!! :) 


Ed Sheeran - Thinking Out Loud (Behind The Scenes)

Hi! I'm a little late but this goes for the Anon asking to watch full episodes -> primewire(.)ag(/)tv-10982-So-You-Think-You-Can-Dance/ I don't know if all the links are working though but I've watched the last few seasons there :)

thanks! :)

do you know of any places to watch full episodes of old seasons of sytycd?

Sorry, I don’t :( full episodes from older seasons are hard to find. It’s much easier to find individual clips on youtube. SYTYCDFanS04V2 (change the number after S0 to what season you want, this one links to season 4) is a good channel to watch older seasons, they have the episodes seperated into clips so you get to see pretty much everything including rehearsal & the the judges comments. They link everything through annotations though, which don’t work in chrome. So you may have to use firefox or IE if you want to use that option. 

If any of my followers know a good place to watch older seasons please share!


Casey and Ricky doing “Like Real People Do”


You Go Brittany! 

and btw. it was choreographed by Nappytabs!

My favourite dances of season 11 Part 4 (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3)


The first tour vlog!

"First Stop: New Orleans"

Sidenote: Carly and Bridget’s music choices are very very awesome.


K you guys, I have over 9000 messages in my inbox that are all pretty much the same thing, so I’m going to do a general reply right here! First of all, thank you bellas-way for the link to the entire set list even though it seems wack as hell. I’ll post it right now for everyone’s viewing pleasure: 

Foolish Games (Teddy/Jacque, presumably because of Carly’s injury)
Earth Song (Zack/Jessica, still wtf)
Get Low (Emilio/Tanisha, which proves there’s still a bit of hope left in the world)
You Need (Rudy/Tanisha, also more hope in the world)
Latch (Emilio/Jessica, also presumably because of Carly’s injury)
Europe, After the Rain (Zack/Jessica, I can deal with that)
Hernando’s Hideaway (Zack/Jessica, yes lawd)
Maybe This Time (Casey/Bridget, which is hilarious since we all figured this wouldn’t be on tour)
I’ve Got the World on a String (Ricky/Valerie Broadway, why)
Long Road to Hell (Emilio/Bridget, wat)
Not About Angels (Ricky/Jessica, figured)
Take it Easy (Rudy/Valerie, I guess to fill in for Carly)
She’s Out of My Life (Casey/Tanisha, why is this happening)
Discko Khisko (Rudy/Bridget, lolwut)
Sing (Zack/Valerie, hope again)
Sing Sing Sing (Rudy/Tanisha, yay)
Happy (Emilio/Bridget, so that’s like one ballroom dance)
Bassa Nova Baby (Ricky/Tanisha, i can deal with that)
The Anitdote (Zack/Ricky, figured)
Seduces Me (Rudy/Tanisha lolwut)
Work (Emilio/Bridget, oh my god, what is going on)
Good Kisser (Rudy/Tanisha, at least this)
Vow (Ricky/Jessica, figured)
The Leaving Song (Bridget/Emilio, Thank god)
When I Go (Zack/Jessica/ …interesting)
U Got Me Up (Jessica/Marcquet, is this the only thing this guy does)
Over You (Casey/Jacque, okay about time she danced something)
Diliwaali Girlfriend (Ricky/Valerie, I can’t rationalize this)
Don’t (Teddy/Emily, yet no Ne Me Quitte Pas)
Like Real People Do (Casey/Jessica, Of course)

And there are a ton of group dances, but the only one relevant is So Broken as far as I’m concerned. 

I…you guys, what the hell is this tour? What are these dances? Does Jacque seriously only have two numbers, one of which isn’t even hers for much longer? No Zacque duets? Valerie and Ricky don’t do their contemporary or hip-hop, but their Bollywood and Broadway?? RICKY IS IN SAIL AND NOT EMILIO??? I…wat

You guys. Wat. 



So far from what I’ve gathered some of the dances on tour are


  1. Wing Beneath My Wings
  2. My Immortal         
  3. Love Runs Out
  4. Dr. Jazz
  5. How It’s Done
  6. Bang Bang
  7. So Broken
  8. Take Me To The River
  9. Last Moment
  10. Shake It Off - All


  1. Dilliwaali Girlfriend – Valerie and Ricky
  2. Disco Khisko - Bridget and (it looks like Rudy)
  3. Earth Song - Jessica and Zack
  4. Foolish Games - (Jacque and Teddy??) My only explanation for taking this away from Carly is she must be filling in a lot + have Senile and maybe Latch?
  5. Get Low - Emilio and Tanisha
  6. Happy - Bridget and Emilio
  7. Like Real People Do - Jessica and Casey
  8. Sing - Valerie and Zack
  9. Sing Sing Sing - Tanisha and Rudy
  10. The Anidote - Ricky and Zack
  11. Vow - Jessica and Ricky
  12. World on a String - Valerie and Ricky

Did I miss anything? I know there are a lot more (obviously). This is just what I could find. Anyone really want to see a dance on tour? I have an entire list! haha